i have a break

Well , as you maby have noticed.
The last few days i wasn't bored at all ( ITS A MIRACLE )
So what did i do the last 4 days?

Monday :
Maxine came over as i told you, this was fun, we took some funny pictures with my crappy-replacement camera.

Me, with grass?

I took a picture of the sky, especially for Matthijs. xD

And i took pictures of Maxine, with the sky!

Me and Maxine in our window, with our matching outfits ( yes, a bit by purpase ).

We baked cookies, they were delicious! ( Chocolate Chip Cookies, C-C-C )

I went to Jovi ( and to my place too ), and he teached me how to play the guitar.
I'm not really good at it, actually i suck at it, but hey, it was my very first time!

They have this thing so that you can see who's in front of the door! So cool!

Me, it's obvious what i'm doing right?

I was bored when i drove home, so i made pictures of myself, not so easy to focus on the road , without using your hands!

Wednesday :
I worked i worked and i worked for 8 hours. Exausting! But fun.
I fell asleep right after i came home.

Tuesday :
Well, that's today?
I worked for 4 hours, but have a bit of a head-ache. It feels like 10 o'clock to me. But i have a whole day to go.
I'm wondering how my boys in London are doing, it must be sooo much fun.
Maby i'll post something more in the afternoon, first i'm going to play the guitar again ( i borrowed one! )

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