How My Heart Behaves (Sab's Column)

Damaged cats need love too.
Wroted at 11:16 pm, Sunday the 27th of July.

After breakfast, my brother went to his friend Wik, cause he, his friend and the family of his friend where going to Zundert, on some kind of vacation week.
Me and my dad went outside to wave at him and my mom walked with him to Wik with his baggage (we all live in the same street).

After that my dad went back inside, but I saw a cat, an orange cat, with some dry blood on his chin and filthy eyes.
He came to me and I gave him (or her I don’t know) attention, and suddenly I got my summer mood feeling.
I was sitting on the street, in the sun, on a Sunday morning, giving attention to a cat. It was lovely.
Until he scratched me, after that I didn’t liked him anymore and stop giving him attention.
Now I’m writing this, thinking; maybe this is totally not interesting to you and just a stupid story of my Sunday morning, but I’m writing it down anyway.

I think I’m going to pack my bag for my vacation to Lanzerote now, we’re going Wednesday night (or Thursday morning whatever you want to call it).
I have to get up at 2 o’clock in the morning!
Maybe it’s a bit early to pack, but I just love packing.
I have a checklist from the Cosmogirl and it relaxes me to pack my things in the correct order that my checklist tells me to.

Wroted at 13:05, wednesday the 30th of July.(today)

I'm now uploading this post (that I wroted at sunday) , but I'm sorry, I'm so bad with computers.. I don't know how to upload pictures that aren't photo's, I've never learned that from Suze.

I bet it's not difficult but when I uplaod a pic, it doesn't come at the place I want it to be. So, I'll just post some pictures I've made yesterday with a friend of mine. We had a wonderful time in a speeltuin (yes I know, I'm also pretty bad in english too) , making photographs and eating monkey heads.

Potverdorie!I can't post photo's either! The upload button just doesn't work if I click on it! Well, you'll have to do without pictures this post, I'm sorry.

Have a nice vacation!
I’m off to Lanzerote, maybe you’ll get some pictures of it in my next post.

I’ll be seeing you

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  1. haha ik ben ook zeer slecht
    met computers =P, maar veel
    plezier op vakantie!