Hi all, well let me introduce myself because this will be my first post on suze's cool gerriegietegat blog.
Well I'm Tim, 17 years old and I live just outside a village called Oudewater which is like a little bit more than a half hour cycling from the place where Jap, Thijs and Suze live.
I like playing the guitar and having fun with my friends and a lot of other shit, but I don't want to bore you guys.

So lets get started! I've been to London with Matthijs and Jasper... And yes as Suze already posted some vids in which you can see us playing tag-the-tourist, people in London will still know that we've been there.
Hehe, it was really fun and the weather was great! But now I'm home. (I came home with a lot of stories and life-experience, and that in a week)
Here some pictures!

'Our first picture made by a Chinese person, made by a
trip-leader in a park in London.'

'Jap and the London times.'

'Us taking a picture of a sign in the St. Pauls which says that we were not allowed to take pictures.'

'Yeah, this was a part of the tourist-tag shit, I think I look lovely on this one.'

'Some guys were running, we didn't know why so we thought let's join them.'

'The tower bridge, taken from the millenium bridge or from the pleuris bridge, whatever.'

'Oh yeah, and this is my fiancee, (k)'

Topshop time!

Suze asked me to post something here and she asked me also what I bought in the topshop, because I didn't see her for a while (but we're going to see eachother tomorrow) but anyway I thought lets put it also down here:

I bought two V-Necks in the topshop.
(you can see me in the grey one in the first picure, and in the purple one with Matthijs)
I bought the grey one for a reason, because I bought a Tjeerd-cap earlier.
I also bought some shoes which are great in combination with my jacket.
But I can't find a picture from it on the net so I'll post that later.
I also bought some souvenirs in London and cool sunglasses.

Till so far London, I really want to go back... and I definitely will go back as soon as possible and maybe I'm going to live there some day.

Too bad It's hometime right now....

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  1. not bad not bad! goed gezongen ook:)