Helleu guys, let me introduce myself. I'm Maxine, 15 years old (almost 16 yeaah) and
I live in Woerden to (same town as suze, matthijs, jap, cleo & sabine).
Maybe it's nice to know that i'm working in a chocolate factory.Yeah you heard me, a chocolate factory! It's very very nice there. Sometimes you just wanna eat all the chocolate there is because it's all sooo delicious!
But that's enough about me. Let's talk about suze cause she's the reason i'm here. I know Suze about 11 years now so yes, you can say she's a really good friend of mine. She's a really sweet girl but you have to know how to handle her, if you know what I mean. She asked me if I wanted to post something on her blog, so here i am!
To be honest, I really don't know whát to post.. But I'll try to make a nice story for you guys.
First of all: i'm going to Volendam this weekend with some friends and i'm really excited about it! especially because my sister is gone to Texel with a friend and it's boring without her. sometimes i really want to flush her through the toilet but when she's gone I realise she's one of my best friends.

I just have to say that there's a song spinning around in my head all day long. Actually, it's in my head for the last few days.. now you're curious wich song it is right? Well, it's "free fallin" coverd by John Mayer. It's such a lovely song.

Speaking about John Mayer, I've been to a concert called Picnic in the Park in The Hague.
When i saw that mister mayer was performing i just knew i had to go to that concert.
so i've been there and it was soooo lovely. Room Eleven & Alphabeat were there too.
John is such a cool guy. Very funny too. All i have to say is that it was a wonderful day.
Here some nice pictures:

I think suze is in NY right now. I miss her, and she's gone for four weeks! Bummer,
that's a long time. But i don't have a reason to be sad. I'm going on vacation too :).
I'm leaving the second of august with my parents and sister to Denmark for 2 weeks.
I've never been there before but i think it's gonna be very nice.

Well, i think that's all i've got to say right now.. If i don't post something later
this week, i wish you all a nice vacation and i promise that i'll post something if
i'm back from Denmark.

Ciao! xx


  1. gorgeous pictures! i'm 15 as well!

  2. Wat leuk!:) En super dat concert! Alphabeat en Room Eleven zijn ook echt fantastisch. Heel veel plezier in Denemarken! Het lijkt me een leuk land:)

  3. maaaax
    I love alphabeat en room eleven
    jaloezieeee ;p