happy happy joy joy

I've made it this year, i'm so so so so so happy.
Tommorow my dad become's 50, so yesterday my mum and i went to Utrecht for some shopping.
But instead of buying presents for my dad we've bought a lot of clothes, pictures i'll show later this day.
Unfortunatelly my camera broke 2 days ago, i was just doing some photography when it suddenly stopped working.
It sucks, but i'm happy that i can use my dad's ( he has exactelly the same camera as me ).
I hope it's fixed soon, cause i need my camera for the fotoshoot with jovanka and jasper.
Here's some inspiration-tabs i made for that shoot:

And here some outfit-foto's i found on my pc :


  1. Mooie outfits:)
    Waar koop jij je gekleurde panty's?

  2. Hi from Paris stylish friend

    I am glad to tell you the Paris fashion week is over : alléluia !
    I try to find time to alert stylish blogs and colleagues like yours that i just posted a best of fahion week shoes.
    Please don't collapse ! lol
    i hope you'll like

    i've been proposed to create a fashion magazine in Paris as i wrote it in my blog (http://www.styleandthecity.com/street-style-paris-fashion-week/2008/03/20/fashion-week-day-2-jai-rencontre-le-cote-obscur-de-la-mode/lots of volonteers ! lol). Let's keep in touch and exchange links !

    I wish you a wonderful day