fruit machine

I love topshop, but not only for the girls, i'm aslo a big fan of the boys apartement.
So i went to en searched for my favorited items, after that i searched for some great outfits with 'm ( wasn't that difficult, jap&thijs took a lot of my favorites back home from londen ).

The thing i love the most are these checkered shirts, there perfect!

I was never a big fan of V-neck shirts, but today i've changed my mind. The're great. I want some tooooo.

These shoes are so comfortable and you can wear 'm with anything ( ghehehe my luck matthijs and me have the same size and he has got these! )

Trenchcoats and men.. hmmm what to think of it. In every case this boy pulls it of great. What did i say..? Fantastic!

Some of my other favorites ( look at the john lennon tee, isn't it fabulous!? )

And well well well, why don't they have these cool socks in the girls departement.
I mean, who does not want socks with food on it!?

So boys ( do i even have any male readers? ) i have only 1 thing to say, RUN TO TOPMAN!


  1. Wat een lieve sokkken, echt jammer dat ze niet verkocht worden at the girls department...
    En verder de canvas schoentjes, de geruite cardigan en de v-necks: TOP MAN :P.

    En nog een mededeling, heb je blog genomineerd voor de Brilliante Weblog Premio :).

  2. topman is just awesome !

    hihi, love the socks, last year i got socks from topshop with bananas on it <33