Greece. Chersonissos. Yes.. it's no joke. I (Matthijs) went there with Jasper and my parents. It was really a week to relax. Jasper and I did enough cultural things in London, so this week we just went out, woke up late and took our daily swim in the pool. It was so exhausting. But one evening, we went to a Greek night. It was quite fun, but the food was horrible. We went to the village (Anapolis) by taxi. Taxis are quite fast in Greece, so we were there at 6:30, though the night started at 7:45. Luckily the village was really beautiful. I took my time to take some pictures.

Just to notice. In the left corner (above) the pigeon, there is an electrocated pigeon. So sad.


  1. thijsjeeeee
    je kan er wat van heur, foto's maken, yes i'm serious
    ik ben benieuwd naar toffe chers verhalen