I'm such a naughty bastard.
I'm just a goddamn internet-addict.. so no.. i couldn't resist.
The good thing is that i now only i surf on the internet half an hour per day, which is a lot better than i did before. But still, i promised to keep the internet out for 2 weeks. I had to do some stuff for school, and i just couldn't help clicking on my blog link. 
So here.. a post, a post filled with shame.
No, not a interesting post, just an outfit ( i like! )
Well, from now on i will really try to stay away from the drugs ( hihihi the internet i mean ).
School goes better though, that's for sure.
See you in 2 weeks!


  1. Haha dat ken ik.8)Succes nog met je proefwerken.;)
    Leuke outfit trouwens!

  2. Hi,
    I got this friend in Holland who once saw you in the ELLEgirl I believe it was. So she said I should check out your blogspot, and I adore it!
    Could you maybe check out mine, I just started one:
    it's not really astonishing or anything, but maybe I could get some viewers or references, that would really help. Anyway, if you have seen it and you have some tips, please share! Thankyou :)

  3. die broek is van only :) voor maar 30euro! :O gevonden in utrecht

    maar weetje, ik kon die kringloop waar jy vaak van die leuke spulletjes voor weinig geld koopt niet vinden:S
    waar ligt die ergens? Heb wel Giesch enzo gevonden, maar dat is meer vintage en nog best prijzig soms.

    Maar mss zie ik je idd dan eens in Utrecht :)


  4. Oh, thanks!! I'm really glad to hear that.
    The song is called Oh boy with the Swedish girl Miss Li.