a certain romance

Only 3 weeks of school left.
I have some really bad grades, so i hope i don't have to do this year over.
That would suck like big time.
So, the coming weeks i won't post a lot.
I will have to study like my life depends on it.
When school is finished, i will do a fotoshoot with jovanka (she already is a model) and jasper, on the beach.
It will be inspired on the teenvogue shoot you can see as my header, and these foto's beneath.


  1. 3 weken? ik nog maar 3 dagen :D haha, sorry hoor (A)

  2. lina scheynius <3
    Succes met leren!

  3. ahh, je blog is echt leuk!
    vind je het erg als ik hem bij mijn favo's zet?

  4. Echt een super shoot vind ik dit!