celebrate your dreams

Yesterday.. was indescribable.
I went to patrick watson with cleo, jasper, matthijs and tim, and my exchanges students from Tjech Republic.
The concert was wonderful, i had to cry during 'the great escape' and 'the weight of the world' , and normally that's the song i like the least. The atmosphere was great, and i was in front of the audience, what almost made me able to touch patrick.
I wasn't aloud to take my big camera, so i had to take my small one, what turns out in dizzy pictures. The concert ended around 11:10 , and we had to take the last train home, from 11:25, we only had 15 minutes left, and had to run sooo fast, at the end we were all trough and trough wet ( yes , it was raining like hell ) and exhausted. But we were right in time.. lucky us.


  1. Ooh sweet ooh. Ik was weer mijn trouwring vergeten... volgende keer doe ik patrick echt een huwelijksaanzoek.
    Nee, zonder gein... de band wordt echt steeds beter! Geweldig om te zien hoe ze iedere show groeien. Wat was het een mooie avond!

  2. how i wish to be there, patrick watson is amazing

  3. oooo it was sooooo great!
    I'm in love with mr. watson;)
    ik ga t concert ook ff bloggen denk ik.

  4. ik ken hem om eerlijk te zijn pas vanaf gister.
    maar ik ben nu al fan! :D