Today will be one of the biggest days in the history of my life.
No just kidding, but it will be really important for my school-results.
I'm going to unplug my internet for 2,5 weeks, what means, no fashion, no socializing, no new music, and especially, no blogging. Yup, you will have to miss me for 2,5 intire weeks. I really regret it, but is really nescessary.
Still i dont think it will be that bad, for you it maby will be, cause you have to miss me.. but i have one little surprise.
Jasper, is starting an new column on my blog : Jap and his search for sex. You really don't want to know how we came on this idea, anyway, i hope his first post will be next week, so you have at least 1 thing to read while i'm gone. But i don't think this will happen cause he forgets everything, he's just like dory from nemo, i shall teach him to sing this song.

Maby tonight there will be one more upload, depends on my tiredness.
Goodbye my friends, see you sooooon!

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  1. jammer, dit je twee weken niet schrijft, ik vind het altijd leuk om te lezen. maar ik zie ook uit naar jasper zijn blog, Haha leuk onderwerp. Veel succes met leren!