she comes in colours everywhere

Totally right. I’ve got this deal with cleo, this week i have to wear 5 different outfits to school, all totally in one colour. Monday i had blue, this was really easy, cause a jean is blue to, so nobody even noticed my blue-ness. Yesterday it was yellow, this was a disaster cause i have really little yellow, and my yellow pants didn’t fit anymore. Luckely i found a yellow vintage waist skirt, wich can look nice, but not in combination with yellow legging, yellow shoes, and a yellow top. In one word, i looked re-di-cu-lous, but yeah, a promise is a promise. Today i had to wear red, this wasn’t really difficult. I just wore my red skinnyjeans and red top, and red vans. Everybody said i was orange, but i really thought i was red. Hmmmmm
Tommorow i have to wear green, this isn’t going to be really diffucult too, i just wear my green jeans and top ( i don’t have green shoes, but i will wear green socks and underwear instead). And friday it’s fluo-pink, this is the most fun i think, but it will be.. really.. uhhh.. flashy. I haven’t made any pics, so sorry.


  1. Héy,
    kan het dat je meespeelt in de videoclip "GEM" van Look.
    Ik was er toevallig naar aan het kijken op youtube en ik dacht ik jou er in herkende ? kan ook fout zijn .. ;)

    Leuke blog trouwens, volg hem al een tijdje :)

  2. haha, genius idea, i should try that too next week, that´s fun ;D