i want to watch you

You guys might all know the song ' a cause des garcons ' a song by Yelle, cleo and i love to try to dance like the boys in the videoclip.
I always thought Yelle was a boy, but when i watched on the panuu sited yesterday, i discovered she's a girl... oops.
Well, i found her newest video ' je veux te vois ' and i totally love it, especially the part when they run on the threadmiles in slowmotion. She has this cute little-girlie-ish voice, and her songs are great to dance on.
Andddd she dresses really nice as well, unforgetable in her looks are her reebok freestyles ( i have a pair too, there like completely awesome ) and metallic leggings.
the video 'je veux te voix'

some of yelle's looks

things you need to get the 'yelle look'

my 'yelle look' , this is for my page in the dutch ellegirl


  1. Jaaa ik had je gezien in de Elle-girl, echt zo tof! Ik ben echt fan van je foto's en je stylingskills :)

  2. Wat ben je toch weer cool op die laatste 4 foto's! En het nieuwe liedje van Yelle is ook lekker ;), en haar jurkjes van JCDC trouwens ook!

  3. Ik had je gezien in de ellegirl, echt tof! :)

  4. haha yelly look whata word :P