How my heart behaves ( sab's column )

This time in sab’s column especially for you..

- Summer songs

- Le Petit Paradis

- Do the whirlwind

Summer songs of all time...

Beatles – here comes the sun

Maroon Five – sunday mornings

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood – summer wine

Room Eleven – hey hey hey

Regina Spektor – sunshine

These songs beautifully remind me of what summer feels like, and brings warmth back into the body after months of cold weather.
It makes you want to join hands around a summer campfire and sing along.

Guaranteed to glide you right into that mellow summer mood.

Le Petit Paradis
Love the colors, the furniture’s, the walls, accessories and everything around it.
It makes want to jump on the bed, eat the food from the table in the mintgreen room or just have breakfast in the sun.

Do The Whirlwind
Gorgeous work of Marcio Simnch.

Well, that was about it for this time, have a lovely holiday.
The time you read this I will probably be in New York on holiday.
I’m going to shop till I drop!I will post pictures in my next column, Goodbyeee

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  1. nice architecture in helsinki reference!

    and lovely lovely pictures.

    hope you had fun in nyc.. how i wish i was there.