don't you know that it's insane

Last wednesday i went shopping, bought some nice stuff. Everything is from h&m though, something i regret. This Thursday i went to our 'island' with some friends, we stayed there for the night ( yes, with a tent ) , and went on a boat trip. We could swim there, and the water was delicious, this really surprised me cause it's only half of may. It was like so awesome. I will post pictures and movies later, they still have to be uploaded. Sabine is back from New York, she did some awesome shopping, i'm soooo jealous. But luckely i'm going to New York by myself in a few weeks, i'm going on a four week trip to America this spring break. If there's anyone who want's to meet me i would love to, just leave a message. Down here you find some new stuff, and some outfits


  1. Heel leuk! Het staat je ook allemaal heel goed!

  2. omg! zo'n 'ruffle'jurkje zoek ik al zoo lang en nu hebben ze die by h&m? of is die daar niet van?


  3. Ga je helemaal alleen naar New-York?
    Ik ga deze zomer ook :D
    leuke spullen heb je!

  4. Wanneer en waar ga je naartoe in Amerika? Ik ga ook binnenkort, naar het zuidwesten... Can't wait!

  5. vet leuk jurkje en vestje
    en ikga ook naar amerika, maar
    dan niet naar new york. Ikga
    naar Florida.

  6. jealous, ovrzalig gwn
    naar NY, waar de meest trendy winkels zyn! (':
    er zyn veel winkels waar ik nkeer iets wil gan kope in NY.
    mj ik kan aleen ma drome é -_-'