walking on the moon

Went with matthijs to utrecht today, it was lovely!
I bought some new red vans, because i loved matthijs' vans so much ( i already had a pair of era's , but the've become to small ) now we switch them once in a while!

And ofcourse, today's outfit.

3/4 shirt = zara / knitted poncho = killah / skinny = MET / shoes = vans / white top = H&M


  1. ik vond het al zo verdacht dat jullie er beiden niet waren;)
    nice vans!
    ben trouwens begonnen met die eigen blog: http://girlunderthesea.blogspot.com/

  2. i have a question.
    those clothes that are shown in your photoshoost, are all from you?
    wow! how much clothes...:)

  3. Gezellig ;) en leuke outfit.