take my temperature

Today i stood up at 9:15, ( yes thats goddamn early in the weekend ) cause i wanted to go to a big shoe sale, there was a big advertisement saing " 5 shoes for 29 euro's, but when i finally came there ( completelly wet, and icekold!) it turned out that this was only for the ugly shoes. Bugggggger! I did buy some shoes, but just at the schoenenreus. The lable said 24,95 but i only had tot pay 12,95.. i don't know why, well it was early, maby the sale'sgirl was tired or something.

OH, and by the way.. what do you guys think of my new ( and first ) header?


  1. 5 shoes for 29 euro's? O:

  2. Leuke header & kopfoto!

  3. Ik heb die schoentjes ook! :) die pumps, alleen bij mij zyn ze alweer kapot. Ik vind je blog heel erg leuk om te lezen, zag het in de ELLEgirl staan. Echt super mooie foto's maak je! xxx

  4. Mooie schoenen :D, en jammer dat het lelijke schoenen waren!

  5. i live in sydney but i'm dutch so i read ELLEgirl & i love your blog

    you're cool !