sleep don't weep

The next coming days, i will post 5 outfits.. in each one there is a piece that could be ( or is ) in the collection from 5 of my favorite swedish blogs. And the outfits are also inspired on them.
The first one is elinkan. She has got this really nice necklace made of perlerbeads , so i made one 2, i really really love it, i've only worn it for one day but already got so many nice reactions!

t-shirt = H&M young boys / skinny = dr.denim / cardigan = zara / shoes = episode

It's already 00:08 , and im so sleapy.. smell ya later!


  1. very cute necklace but i think you played it too safe in this outfit with the tshirt ans gray skinny...

  2. Oja, die heb ik ook gemaakt ja! :P Ook van Elinkan gepikt :$
    Heel veel jongens zeiden zo tegen mij : HI!
    Echt wel chill, past ook bij heel veel dingen. Is ook leuk om gewoon om te doen als je iets tuttigs aan hebt, om het een beetje grappig te maken.
    Kijk ook es op mijn blog!:)