put your hands into the fire

I watched trough my blog today, and thougt.. ohgosh.. it's soooo boring!
I mean, the last few weeks i've almost only posted my outfits.. ofcourse i'm busy with school.. friends.. and other stuff.
So, i'm asking you guys.. what to post more?
I could do something about music, more about my friends ( which is difficult, cause then i would have to take my camera to school and i'm not really keen on doing that very often, so once a month is enough i guess ) , i'm trying to do more photoshoots but it takes soooo many time , the time i don't have at the moment.

Well, to at least post something, i will talk about some bizarre things that happened today, why this subject? Well i'm writing letters with Matthijs, and the thing i wrote in the first letter i ever wrote was the most bizarre things that ever happened to me.
I was riding my bike, and i was busy with some stuff on my iPod.. I came across this man, and he looked really weird at me. He asked me what time it was.. and i said i didn't know. After a second i realised i could tell him because the time was on my Ipod but i already was 5 meters ahead and i didn't want to stop. So i waited for my iPod to tell me how late it was, and i screamed to him : it's 20:08, thanks! he screamed. Somehow this made me feel really happy , but strange to. I don't know why. It's a mystery..
I went to sabine this evening, and when i went home.. there was a frog next to my bike, i wanted to pick him up because i knew that if i would let him there he would die. So i kneeled next to him, and wanted to pick him up. But then i saw he had four eyes! I screamed because i thought it was some kind of mutant thing, but when i took a closer look i saw it were 2 frogs having sex. Hihihi, sometimes i'm so stupid. I called sabine's mum, and she picked them up and put them in the neighbours garden. Somehow frogs scare me, especially when the have four eyes.


  1. haha dat van die kikker is echt mega ghehe. ik lig stuk!.. en die laatste foto is mooi bewerkt.

  2. Ahahaha bizarre dingen inderdaad, maar zou me precies zo voelen, hoe jij je voelde toen je de man de tijd gaf!