have you been drinking some?

So, today i've learned really hard for my exam of tommorow!
Yesterday i went to the triftshop and the praxis with my mum, and we bought some stuff and completely changed my room.
It's almost finished, and i completely adore it. I will post pictures later this week, when it's completely finished.
Oh, uhm the picture above? Well my mum brought me a slushpuppy, and the result is a red tongue. I wanted to try something on Photoshop, i downloaded it yesterday. And uhm well, these 2 pictures are what came out.
I'm also busy with a reallllly big swedish inspired post, but it isn't finished yet.. just wait a bit longer.
Woehhhh this friday i'm going on a holiday to maroc! And maby also to a campside near Paris.. i'm so exited.


  1. the thing is I've been having photoshop for months since I downloaded, and I don't know how to use it yet! anyway, the pics are really good:)

  2. Hoe cool! Ik weet ook niet hoe ik dat effect kan krijgen en ik heb photoshop toch al een tijdje. Tell me, hoe heb je dat gedaan?

    En succes morgen met je examen!

  3. Voor maar net photoshop te hebben, is die tweede foto heel goed gelukt!
    Ik doe het nu al 2jaar, maar kan het nog steeds niet :D

  4. hey!
    ik wil even zeggen dat ik je weblog tof vind!
    staan echt leuke dingen op,hih :]


    (mijn eergister begonnen weblog ^_^)

  5. die tweede foto heb je vet gedaan!