the big "favorites" post

1.Favorite photography-style
Pictures of girls with hair blown in their faces by the wind. It gives me this summery and happy feeling. It makes me want to go to the beach.

2.Favorite music
I can’t pic a favorite so this time i take 2, number one is vampire weekend. This may sound like some creepy goth music band. But it’s not! It’s really happy, and funny music, with some very interesting songtextes. But one warning, those songs will be in your head to whole day! Number two is Patrick Watson, cause these songs are just beautiful and perfect to fall in to sleep with. I love love love love love it! Both of these artists are in my playlist.

^ patrick watson

vampire weekend live in the streets of paris ^

3. Favorite model
Elianne smit, she’s dutch and i had seen her in the dutch glamour once, and really liked her looks, but didn’t know who she was. Now i do, and i totally love her.. shes has this cute funny and happy flow above her. She is one of the only models who still look pretty when they laugh ( in my opinion ).

4. Favorite look
Don’t know why.. but at the moment i really really really like boys and girls with a split between their teeth ( like kate moss, lara stone ). It gives this childish and playfull look.. it just looks so cute when the laugh.

5. Favorite Hair
Mid-long hair ( till your breast ) with a colored pony. As seen at luella. I really love at, and was thinking to do it myself.. but uhh yeah i think that after a few days i wont like it anymore.. so i’ll just have to find a pony-wig.

6. Favorite Movie
There are lots of movies that i love, but at the moment my most favorite movie has to be Elisabethtown.. though i found my other fav’s waaaay better.. this still is my fav at the moment. The story is incredibly good, and i really like kirsten dunsts role. Just a great movie, and guess what! It’s on tv tonight!

7.Favorite Website
At the moment i’m really obsessed with sites from magazines, my absolute favorites are lula, teenvogue , and vmagazine. The photoshoots on those websites are amazing! Here some exampels of teenvogue.

8. Favorite Interesting ( and jealousmaking ) Subject
Friends who are models, reaaaaally intresting. And i’m so jealous. They can wear all those amazing designer clothes! Pfieuwwww, but still i don’t want to become a model.. i prefer to style the clothes of the model.. not be one.

9. Favorite Cuteness
Little kids who look so stylish! But don’t persuade it, i deteste little kids wearing all those ugly d&g, armani, you know.. those fake looking designer brands. I just mean kids who put their own things together, and look so goddamn cute

The daughter of the chef fashion from the dutch ellegirl & me ^

10. Favorite Shoes
Yellow Dr. Martins! I saw them on the catwalk @ Blue Blood ( this girl is also a friend of mine, see nr. 8 ) I tryed them on in the store and they looked sooooo cool, but where to get the money! Holy crap i need a job

And last but not least, just some favorite pictures of the moment.


  1. duh, I like those cover, music, SHOES...

  2. Super post!!
    En wat een cool kind is het dochtertje van chef mode!

  3. geweldig je log!!!!!
    kijk er iedere dag even op.

  4. Ik heb die Doc Martens in t paars, vind ze helemaal geweldig xD