light up light up

i absolutely love the spring and summer collection from burberry , i'm in love with the red and blue trenchcoats and oooooh i just love it! its the best collection of spring/summer if you ask me
buttt! when is was reading my vogue i took from germany i came across this campaign from burberry, and this was the best campaign i had ever seen! don't know why but i love the funny and serious faces and the moving hare and the fact that there jumping.. well i i i i just LOVE it ..
but before i'll show you the campaign i've got one question
this is an old burberry campaign wich has been hanging in my room for the last 1,5 years ( i just love the girl with the pony ) but can somebody tell me who she is !? i cant seem to find it.. thanks already!

and here's the other campaign

the campaign

the making of


  1. I always love the burberry campaigns, but I don't ike how Lily Donaldson has the same face and a similar pose in every shot.

  2. oh i love that song.

    and i like these pictures :)

  3. HAHAHA! het is "fringe"!! je zegt geen pony in het engels haha! sorry just funny.