How My Heart Behaves ( sab's column )

Hello Folks!

It’s Sab’s Column Time!

As you know I’m new here on Suzie’s blog.
You may know me as the girl that Suzie often photographs.

I’m Sabine, I’m thirteen years old, I love fashion, dancing, romantic movies, chocolate cookies and making weird faces in the mirror.
When I’m old and tall enough, I want to be an rich and famous model.

You’ll find things I love, things I do, things I have and much more in my column.
Enjoy, have a good weekend and Happy Easter!

This Saturday I’m going to perform with Suze on the Kunstbende
It’s a competition where you can dance, sing, paint, draw, play, design fashion and what ever you like to do.

Me and Suze are going to dance, we already performed in the Klooster(that is where we dance every week) with another competition where we were third.
But the Kunstbende is a much much much larger competition, if you win in your region, you have to compete with all the other regions from The Netherlands.
We have an awesome dance and a huge diary, with our adventures in it.
I’m so excited!!
I have a little video from the performance in the Klooster, but I can’t get it on this blog, I’m not very good with computers.

Well, cause the film didn’t work, I have some nice black and white pictures for you and a collage with things I like and love.

And the collage!

When I’ll see you again I’ll post more.

Xx Sabje


  1. Welkom!

    En gefeliciteerd met jullie derde plaats + succes @ de kunstbende!

  2. It's too bad we couldn't see the video :(
    cool post though!

  3. Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Celular, I hope you enjoy. The address is A hug.

  4. Hey Sab! I like the collage, how did you do it?

  5. Jij bent echt een mooi meisje :)

  6. Hey Rollergirl,, I opened Paint, some kind of drawing thing that's on every computer and than you click on werkbalk --> bewerken -->plakken uit ( I'm sorry I don't know how you say that in english)and than you can take any picture out of your map and put it on the collage :)it sounds really hard but it's very very easy :P

    xx Sab