bubble - machine

So today i only had school for 3 hours
But i was bored so decided to stay and chill at school,
i bought this bubble-stuff ( how the hell to call it in english )
and then i realised i had to learn about 200 words french, and i went home :P
and i'm going to learn french now!
tonight i've a dancing contest , i'm joining it together with sabine, i will try to put it on film and post it;)
oh, and i'm on the ellegirl website with an intervieuw, so for the dutch peeps klick here.


  1. Veel succes ;)!
    En wat een leuk groen, gebreid rokje!

    Ga nu effe je viewtje met Ellegirl lezen!

  2. Ah wat heb jij een leuke blog.
    Geweldige outfit!