The whole week school had 40 minutes rooster, so i was finished about half pas 11..
and i didn't fancy to go home and study, so i stayed at school.. went to lisa & to matthijs
I took my camera, here are some pictures, i'll take it next week again when the weather has cleared up!

this is something that you call...schoolducks

this cool blue thing is some kind of scarf, it's borrowed , and it's so comfy and warm!

i also borrowed pasquale's sweater, it was way to big for me but it's lovely!

piek & don

matthijs & my iPod, with popje ( puppet ) stickers, made by piek


  1. Waar heb je die geweldige blauwe kleur nagellak gekocht?

  2. die komt van de zipper in amsterdam, ze zijn helaas al uitverkocht..

  3. a schoolduck? haha quite random. i love the photos from a few posts where you showcased all the new stuff you bought!